Detroit Lions Redesign Contest

Concept Submission | Design Contest | Uniform Design

Ahead of a potential uniform overhaul for the Detroit Lions, held a contest to which participants submitted their best ideas for the Lions’ new look. Five winners were selected each representing a design category. Those categories were Best New Logo, Best Introduction of a New Color, Best Throwback Design, Best Traditional Design, and Best Modernization. With my submission, I was selected as ‘Best Modernization’ which is directly on point with my concept below. 

The goal of this submission was to build off of the Lions’ current brand (as their latest rebrand occurred only in 2017) and bring it to the next level. Having seen many traditional designs when it comes to uniform concepts, I aimed to look in the other direction to the future of Lions’ football. I did so by replacing their trademark silver with a “Polished Chrome” to honor the past of the automobile industry, as well as looking ahead to the possibilities of Detroit football. The pants will bring back a metallic fabric that has been absent from football for over a decade.

With the alternate sets, I wanted to honor the past by continuing the use of the traditional Thanksgiving uniforms they wear each season, while introducing a new throwback based on the Lions’ look throughout the 1960’s and 70’s