NFL Alternate Helmet Concepts

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An on-going side project of mine, I wanted to use my creativity and introduce concepts for brand new alternate helmets to be thrown in the uniform rotation. These are more “for fun” ideas, seeing what I can do without going too far off brand from each teams’ identity.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore is a rather colorful city. For this concept, I wanted to reflect that by introducing a gold helmet with a purple paint splatter texture. This design mimics the purple camo pants that are synonymous with the Ravens flock.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagle’s alternate concept features a white shell with a green speckled egg shell texture. This look is reflective of the white lids the team wore in the early 1970’s. I could have played it safe with a Kelly Green shell, but wanted to try something different.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns’ alternate helmet takes inspiration from the white caps of Lake Erie where the banks of Cleveland are found.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers helmet features the introduction of Safety Orange and Camoflauge which are prevalent by the many outdoorsmen of Wisconsin.